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How the Rancheria was Formed

For thousands of years, the Miwok and the Maidu people lived in peace and hormony throughout the entire Sacramento area and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Each tribe had its own customs, traditions and history.

The arrival of the Gold Rush era in 1849 severely impacted these tribal nations living serenely in the foothills. Miners quickly invaded the region, forcing many members into hard labor in their own homeland. Some tribal members moved their families away, seeking safety in other areas.

On December 16, 1916, the Secretary of the Interior purchased the Shingle Springs Rancheria at the request of the Sacramento-Verona Band of Miwok Indians, the reservation actually resides within Southern Maidu, or Nisenan, territory. In fact, the Rancheria is situated in the heart of a hill and mountain call Nisenan.

Today's members of the Shingle Springs Rancheria are decendents of the Miwok and Maidu Indians who once lived in this region. They continue the ways of their ancestors, honoring and protecting the Earth for future generations.

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